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Jaroslaw Zygmunt Wieczorek

Jaroslaw Zygmunt Wieczorek or simply Jarek comes from a quiet town in Eastern Poland. A seed of wanderlust was planted by his parents who used to take him on their trips. Later, studies and Master degree in computer science led to even more traveling by taking multiple assignments across Europe. At last count, he traveled trough, lived, worked, or studied in 40 countries from Malawi to Belize and from Lebanon to Mozambique. His experiences helped him to develop fascination for other cultures and loath of corporate politics. It was during his first African trip, to remote oasis of Ghadames in Libyan Sahara, when he passionately fell for Africa and deserts. This led to solo Cape to Cairo transafrican journey. Since then he returns there regularly.

Jarek always travels with his camera by his side. "I cannot go anywhere without my camera. The first moment I see my photo subject, the moment I am fascinated by it, is the perfect moment to take pictures. Coming back later with a camera just to take pictures is as good as not coming back at all" he admits. He publishes his recent photographs with tiny travel notes at website.

For the moment, Jarek makes his home in Chile and you can contact him at: