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Epic in Iquique


I was always drawn to the desert north of Iquique, to its remoteness. I flew there at many desolate places. But I always wanted to make the big flight. And then the forecast for yesterday was very promising so we gave it a try. We took off from Alto Hospicio heading north. High above Marinero Desconosido we said good bye to the safety of the city of Iquique and we continued farther north. What followed was one of the most unforgettable flights of years of my paragliding in the Atacama Desert.

The views were beyond spectacular. Deep canyons. Vertical cliffs crashing into Pacific. Dry meandering rivers. High rock faces. Unbelievable colors. Hardly any place to land and no roads or access for miles. Absolute solitude and wilderness. A really epic flight. The desert at its best. After four and a half hours of flying we climbed in the last thermal and went on the final glade across the big bay of Camarones. We landed together at the beach of Caleta Camarones. 123.47km in a straight line from Alto Hospicio. It is a new open distance record of Alto Hospicio.

More photos here.
My flight track is here.

Photo: Paragliding across the bay of Camarones, The Atacama Desert, Chile

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