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Patagonia the Beautiful

Every time I am looking at my photos from my Patagonian packrafting expeditions my hart skips a beat. You must know this feeling when you want you eat more than it is possible of a great meal because you are not sure if it will be there for you next day. Patagonia is so beautiful that I am afraid if such a beauty and treasure can last in today’s crazy world. I am afraid that it will disappear.

So if you cannot come to this unbelievable land please enjoy Patagonia thru photos from my February/March 2013 Expedition Explorers. We immersed in this virgin land for 40 days. The trip took us from a tiny fjord village of Caleta Tortel thru Fjordo Pulpo, Fjordo Julian, HPN3 glacier and Valle Acodado, across Bahia Kelly and San Quintin glacier to Istmo Ofqui and Laguna San Rafael. Our Alpacka packrafts did not let us down. I am stunned how durable those little boats are.

Life on such a trip has different dimension than a day of urban life. A simpler dimension. And things like dry bed, hot tea, shelter and worthy boat are simple things which make you feel happy. We as humans were design to cross forests, climb mountains, and hike across plains. And those things make us fulfilled. I learned it in Patagonia. Give it a try. It does not matter that the backpack is heavy and your feet are wet.

Movie: Slideshow of packrafting in Patagonia during Expedition Explorers V, Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Chile. (

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