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Desert paragliding gallery 2009

Desert paragliding gallery 2009 - View of the desert mountains near Iquique

It took me long time but finally I have photos from last year’s paragliding season in Iquique ready. For pilots who had a chance to fly with me these photos will serve as a nice souvenir. Please enjoy. I hope to take plenty of fine photos of colorful wings over the desert this year, too. The gallery is here.

Photo: Paraglider Pilot’s view of the coastal mountains near Iquique, The Atacama Desert, Chile

Desert Eye Candy

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It is always flyable here but sometimes my job keeps me stuck to my computer desk. For times like that I made a cool paragliding screensaver with over fifty wonderful photos which turn on pilot’s imagination. It is available here for everybody to try: Desert Paragliding Screen Saver.

Photos: Selection of photos from Desert Paragliding Screen Saver


Arenal - Cloud covered Cuesta de Arenal plateau and Tiliviche Canyon near Pisagua, The Atacama Desert, Chile

Project Caleta Colorada continues with establishing the highest paragliding take-off in the greater Iquique area – Arenal. This easily accessible in a car take-off at 900m a.s.l. should make cross country flights between Pisagua and Camarones more attainable. That area is getting more and more popular with pilots looking for desolate desert experience. Multiple XC flights have been already flown there but existing Junin and Tiliviche take-offs pose distinct challenges for an XC hungry pilots. The Arenal take-off is located so high that on days with a lower cloudbase you actually take off above a cloud layer and above the permanent coastal Atacama inversion layer – see the photo.

Photo by Rianna Riegelman: Host of this blog – Jarek Wieczorek – looks over cloud covered Cuesta de Arenal plateau and Tiliviche Canyon near Pisagua, The Atacama Desert, Chile