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Paragliding at Playa Chipana between Tocopilla and Iquique, Atacama, ChileA big white sand dune climbs high on a mountain. It is your takeoff. It is tricky. You need to wait for a tiny thermal or a bit of sea breeze to take you up the first couple of hundred meters up. Sometimes you wait very long watching huge deserted beach three kilometers in front of you. If you timing is wrong there is a long, steep, and hard trek with your paraglider on your back in front of you. But if your timing is right and once you get high up, Iquique one hundred and twenty kilometers away is your destination and you will see a lot of Atacama desert broken by maze of dry river beds. Just get high and enjoy.

Photo: Sand dune of Playa Chipana between Tocopilla and Iquique, Atacama Desert, Chile

The happiest guy in the world

Cono de Arita, Salar Arizaro, Tolar Grande, Puna, ArgentinaIt is December. Time to sum up the year. This year was simply the best year of my life. Why? Just look at the previous pictures below. And it is just the tip of the iceberg called “Year 2007 in life of the happiest guy in the world”. Yes, I am a lucky guy who lives his dream. It will be hard to beat this next year but I am planing to do so. On my plate for year 2008 you can find:
- Expedition Explorers – Patagonian Northern Icefield circumnavigation along rivers, fiords, glaciers, virgin forests and mountains,
- Argentinian Puna III expedition – volcano Antofalla here we come,
- Southern Chilean Altiplano expedition – more volcanoes and salars,
- Great Bolivian salt flats,
- more Atacama desert exploration,
- flying my paraglider wherever it is possible or not,
- Atacama-Patagonia overland trip.
So now, once I disclosed my plans, I will have to do all of it. Otherwise people will think I am a poser.

Photo: Cono de Arita, Salar Arizaro, Tolar Grande, Puna, Argentina by Rianna Riegelman


Cerro Dragon dune, Iquique, ChileIn my search for a perfect dune I actually started to live on one. It is my backyard and my landing zone.

Photo: Cerro Dragon, Iquique, Atacama Desert, Chile

Pisagua – Don’t drink it

Paragliding Tiliviche Canyon, Pisagua, ChileTiliviche canyon has already a permanent place at Project Caleta Colorada. It is a beautiful afternoon flying site at the mouth of a steep desert canyon with Palo Buque style take-off, endless deserted beach in front, high cliffs of the coastal range at the back, space for exploration, and perfect Pacific sunset every evening.

Photo: Paragliding in Quebrada Tiliviche, Pisagua, Atacama, Chile