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Altiplano air

Volcanos Parinacota and Pomerape above Lagunas Cotacotani, Altiplano, ChileDoes anyone actually know what is hidden in the extreme North-East corner of Chile? High above 4500m there is a plateau of vistas not from this world. And you need to take it slowly, slowly meter of altitude by meter or your head will explode. Gods made it on purpose this way so if you do not crawl there on your knees they punish you for lack of respect for the great beauty.

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Photo: Volcanos Parinacota and Pomerape, Lagunas de Cotacotani, Parinacota, Altiplano, Chile

Tiliviche sunset session

Tiviliche paragliding sunset session, Pisagua, ChileFour pilots, four gliders, will to explore uncharted areas. It is a recipe for great rewards: pristine beaches, deep canyon, desert mountains seen from above, and smiles which last for days. And lots of great photos. View them at Tiliviche sunset session gallery.

SAT team at Palo Buque

SAT acro paragliding team at Palo Buque, Iquique, ChileAcro paragliding world champion Raul Rodriguez with his court and groupies came to Iquique and occupied dunes of Palo Buque for a week. They fly small heavily loaded dynamic wings. No good for cross country but great for radical maneuvers.

Altitude record

Paragliding Altitude Record at Patillos, Iquique, ChileUnusually high cloud base and the coastal range south of Iquique disappears below me and big cumulus clouds far away in Altilano appear. Higher I go better views I have. Higher I go more relax I feel. Higher I go more fun I have. For me paragliding is seeing world from above. It is a spectacle nature prepared especially just for me.