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Rivers of Atacama

Lifeless, sterile and beautiful – absolute desert. Last time these dry riverbeds of the costal range north of Iquique saw water was 120.000 years ago. Since then no rain at all. It is the driest place on Earth. Many ask me how I can live in a place totally devoted of vegetation and green color. Either they are blind and cannot see the great beauty or I am mad.

Project Caleta Colorada

Objective: discover new flying zones of Northern Chile and fly where nobody flew before. It is an essence of adventure. It is not true that everything was already discovered and that there is no more space left for pioneering.

Northern wind

They say that when it blows from the North flying sucks in Iquique. I do not know who has come with this idea but he definitely was wrong. Last Sunday was so cool and sweet. Like flying a totally new place. Filete! Check out McRivur coming to landing at Cavancha beach.

Photo: Paragliding over Playa Cavancha, Iquique, Atacama, Chile