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Copa Altazor 2007

Day first – Patillos to Los Verdes, very difficult conditions, low cloud base, nobody made to the goal. Day two – 25km over Iquique, beautiful weather, sun and breeze. Summary – lots of pilots, great flying, laughing, asados, fun, fun, fun.

Quebrada de Tiviliche

The canyon is 1200m deep at its mouth. Yes, it is a long way down. Nobody has flown there before. That is until we got there. And to get there we spent a whole day of off-road driving with our faces glued to my GPS. Then a warm night spent high above clouds and some serious paragliding fun next day. Try to spot a paraglider on the picture. That is Nick – the first man who has ever flown Tiviliche.

Bad Judgment Tour Pisagua 2007

With every stone which falls from under the tires into the void below I grew a single gray hair. I used to have dark blond hair. Now it is all gray. There is a road from Pisagua to a ghost port of Junin. Nobody dares to drive this road. My nightmares have a location now.

Ten Days of Solstice

Flying under midnight sun. Yes you can fly for 24h per day if you wish. Just head to Alaska in summer. I found these pictures by pure coincidence in my archives. Enjoy more photos at Paragliding Alaska…