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For those who wonder: I am still kicking! I just have come back from a month long expedition to Argentinean Puna. Trip summary: the lowest temperature around -20C, the highest altitude above 5000m, a ripped tire, no other humans for days, a sand storm, snow shoveling at mountain passes, marvels of unaccessible Southern Salar Antofalla, a crashed wreck of a military jet at Salar Tolillar, pink flamingos at frozen Laguna Purulla, constant GPS navigation, endless salt flats and plenty of +6km mountains, volcanoes and lava flows, and above all – colors – colors like nowhere else, colors of Puna.

Patillos de Atacama

It is not even top flying season here but as always desert flying from Patillos to Iquique rocks. Flying panoramas and experiences like nowhere else in the world. Flying is great. Flying in Atacama desert is even better. I would never exchange it for a steady office job and endless mortgage payments. And you? Do you really think you will get a second life to enjoy your time on Earth? No? So why aren’t you here with me?!