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Local knowledge

“You cross three cattle rails and after several kilometers the road climbs. You can camp there. Do not miss the turn it is marked with a small stick. On your way back tomorrow give us a shout so we know you are all right. You know we do not see many people here.”

Private property

“Bon dia!” “Do you know that this is a private property? Aaaa, a foreign tourist? What are you doing here? Do you need help? No? Be careful nobody lives here in hundreds kilometers range. Well then…buen viaje.”

Last Hope

Thousands of uninhabited islands, hundreds of glaciers, millions of not climbed peeks, wild and uncharted lands – fiords of Patagonia. Grand playground for antisocial oddballs. I’m in!

Make them pay

So this is the famous Chilean Patagonia’s treasure, right? Oh it is beautiful and swarm with American tourists. There must have been Torres del Paine commercial on Fox television recently.