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La Ultima Estancia

All right boys and girls, I am making a big U turn and starting to head North. Do not look like this at me, the bridge to Antarctic is not ready yet.

Fuegian red

All the news I am interested in I get from weather reports. And they said that autumn is comming to Tierra del Fuego and brings warm colors to this cold land. So enjoy while you can.

Sauerkraut but no prozac

What they left out is that while surveying waters at the end of the world Beagle’s captain Pringle Stokes fell into depression, locked himself in for days and finally shot himself and died a few days later. He was buried on shore on the Straits of Magellan at Port Famine.


If only my car’s door could adapt to crazy winds of Tierra del Fuego as well as flag trees…

Straits of Magellan

Beyond this there is Tierra del Fuego and then Cape Horn and then Drake Passage and then Antarctic. All those names sound like from a fairytale and turn on my imagination – lands and seas at the end of the world. I wish I had a sailboat to explore all of them. Well, I must buy one then.

Desolate Place

Pali-Aike volcanic field is the least visited national park in Chile. Chances are you will be the only human visitor there.


So you think penguins are cute. The one thing you cannot see in TV or cinema about them is that their colonies stink. At Monte Leon you’d better be upwind from thousands of these little buggers.