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Across the border with gauchos

All gauchos from the area came to Junin de los Andes to party and show off their skills. I have not seen that many horses and riders in a single place in my life. I guess Argentinian pampa is big enough for all of them. They put me on a horse and invited to live with them. My brother would love it.


What do you do with dozens of three and a half meters logs? You build a Swiss cross shaped house. That’s patriotic! Will it be painted red and white?

Job opening

I am addicted to good food. And lots of it. Cook for me and I will be your slave. I am announcing a job opening: Jarek’s Personal Chef. Email me your resume. The job comes with a full package of benefits which includes…. Well, we can discuss it in private during the initial interview.

Paragliding Santiago photographs

Fruits from my camera. Photographs taken during my flying in Santiago. There is a high chance you will recognize your wing on one of the pictures. Plenty of great models in Parabeer club. Are you sure you are not wasting your talents? See the Paragliding Santiago gallery.

Central America gallery

Finally, Central America pictures are ready. Easy countryside living helped here a lot. With increased processing speed the remaining backlog of pictures should be ready in…a couple of years. Check out the Central America gallery.

Volcano Quetrupillan

Five hours of climbing, getting ready for a pioneering flight, and then… What an experience flying down from a rim of snow covered volcano into lush green valleys far away! I love my life.

More photos at the What’s Cooking? gallery.

Summer in…?

I am living on a farm with horses deep in a countryside. Just like summer in Poland. Well, almost…

Chilian wine

One more glass of wine, please. Or a botle. On the second thought, make it a whole case. In Iquique next to Tercer Ojito there is an anonymous alcoholics club. Just in case.